Sunday, December 13, 2020

Conferences in December (of interest to the group)

Dear all,

The following are the conferences happening all over the country in December (mostly in honor of Ramanujan's birthday). You may forward this email to everyone in our group. 

1. RMS & Rajagiri school of engineering and Technology: (Dec. 11-14, 2020) 

2. 86th Annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society (Dec. 17-20, 2020)

2. Recent Advances in Mathematics and Related Areas: (Dec. 18-22, 2020)

3. International Conference on Special Functions and Applications (Dec. 22-23, 2020)

(Deadline for contributed talks: Dec. 15, 2020)

4. International Conference on Number Theory and Algebra (Dec. 22-23, 2020)

(Contributed talks are invited. Deadline for registration: Dec. 18, 2020)

5. 35th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society  (Dec. 28-30, 2020)

Best wishes,
Atul Dixit


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