Saturday, July 25, 2020

Alok Shukla (Ahmedabad University)

The next talk is by Alok Shukla of Ahmedabad University. Alok has recently moved from the University of Manitoba and we welcome him back to India and this group 

Please note that we are now back into our usual time, one hour later than our previous talk. The talk is from 3:55 pm. 

The details are as follows.

Speaker: Alok Shukla (Ahmedabad University). 

Title: Tiling proofs of Jacobi triple product and Rogers-Ramanujan identities

When: Thursday, July 30, 3:55 PM - 5:00 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)

Where: Zoom. Please write to to get a link a few hours ahead of time.  

Tea or Coffee: Please bring your own.

The Jacobi triple product identity and Rogers-Ramanujan identities are among the most famous $q$-series identities. We will present elementary combinatorial "tiling proofs" of these results. The talk should be accessible to a general mathematical audience.

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